A Living God

Showing Jesus Christ is still alive and working through his bride today.

The message hub

The Message Hub

Read, Print, or Listen to the Messages of Bro. William Branham in over 50 languages.

Brother Ron

Evening Light Fellowship (Arizona)

Pastor: Ron Peterson


Pastor: Br. Anastacio Olvera Mendez

William Branham Evangelistic Association

Home of Voice of God Recordings

Brother Joseph Hamid

Believers Tabernacle (Tennessee)

Pastor: Joseph Hamid

Brother Jason Watkins

Bethel Tabernacle (South Carolina)

Pastor: Jason Watkins

Brother Homer Longoria

Christian Assembly (Alabama)

Pastor: Homer Longoria

Brother Jeff Snodgrass

Christian Fellowship Church (Ohio)

Pastor: Jeff Snodgrass

Brother Daniel Gissendanner

Word Of Life Tabernacle (Georgia)

Pastor: Daniel Gissendanner