Our first building

The Happy Valley Church Of Jesus Christ started from a small white frame building in 1949 called the Roan Hill Church Of Jesus Christ which at that time was a independent Pentecostal church.

The first pastor was Ira McKinney, and then followed Bro. Barnett, Bro. Ed Phillips, and last his son Bro. Roy Phillips.

A picture from an early gathering time

Brother Ed Younce was a major factor in the financial stability of the church in its early years as Bro. Ed Phillips was to the pastoral duties who preached several years without salary and showed up early before services to open the church and start the old coal furnace. Through the years the congregation grew to around 75 members.

The local housing authority took control of the property in early 1965 forcing the Roan Hill Church to purchase property where our church is now located.

Our second building

A new church was built and with it a new name was established to coincide with the area called Happy Valley. The first service was held on Thanksgiving weekend of November 1965. Brother Roy Phillips continued his pastoral leadership to the new church introducing the End-Time Message of William Marion Branham to the congregation in 1969. With the announcement of a prophet and a great message, to many families it was not so great and the church lost around 1/3 of its members. With God's blessings on the church, membership grew through the years to around 300 and with the addition of the "Spoken Word Library" in 1975; it became very active in overseas missionary endeavors supplying books and tapes to message believing churches around the world.

Our current building

With the departure of Bro. Roy Phillips, Brother Donny Reagan took over pastoral duties in September of 1987. His ministry grew and so did the church. After considering several options, a vote to increase the size of the church was passed and plans were drawn up to add a new sanctuary, extend the parking area and change the existing sanctuary into a fellowship hall. The transformation was completed in November, 1992. The current congregation stands at around 600.