About Us

Welcome to Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ. We are a Non-Denominational church but our roots run from the early Pentecostal era making our services more of a Pentecostal type of atmosphere. Our congregation numbers around 600 brothers and sisters of whom many have relocated to our area from Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Georgia, North Carolina.  Also included in our congregation are believers from Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Kenya and the Congo.

The diverse makeup of our congregation offers many different styles of special singing. You may hear contemporary,classical, bluegrass, and some 'good ole' Southern gospel singing.

The main focus and purpose of Happy Valley is God's Word.  To have the words of the Bible made manifest in a people that will make a better neighbor, husband, wife, son or daughter and to reach out to the unsaved.

Brother Donny Reagan is the pastor of Happy Valley and has the great task of providing spiritual food and guidance to a multitude of  sheep with various needs on a daily and weekly basis.  Brother Reagan is a very dynamic preacher who preaches what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.  If you are searching for a pastor who has a shepherd's heart as we believe Brother Donny has, then we offer you the opportunity to join us for service or live stream from our website.

 It is our desire that we could help you start your Christian journey or in some way encourage you until we reach that glorious morning when we shall see our Lord in the air.  May God Richly Bless You!

Our Services are on Wednesday at 7:00 PM, Saturday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 11:00 AM.   Our Sunday School  starts at 10:30 AM. and offers 5 classes ranging from ages 3 to 13.