Bro. Donny Reagan
Pastor Donny Reagan, his wife Carol and family relocated to Johnson City in 1988. He became the Pastor of the Happy Valley Church Of Jesus Christ in September of 1987 and at present we have a congregation of some 600 members. Under the leadership of Pastor Reagan’s ministry, God has enabled us to be involved in numerous overseas missionary endeavors that include several countries. Pastor Reagan also has the assistance of several ministers and evangelists who help in the care of our congregation. Our outreach, ministries are made possible by Video and Audio capabilities and reach many states within our country and also several foreign countries worldwide. The objectives and goals of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ and Pastor Donny Reagan is that the message of God through his prophet messenger William Branham will restore this end-time church back to the original faith of the Apostolic Fathers in the book of Acts. We believe that the true church of God must have a born again experience and will be perfected in the Five Fold Ministry given to the church. We trust that the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ website will be an encouragement and help in your Christian walk.